In 2019 we are dividing our roadmap into two stages


ocuses on the software level. Working on Lightning Network, DEX technologies, cross-chain interoperability, and cross-chain staking.


Focuses on the hardware level. It will feature a product line of custom and unique CBTEF COIN powered hardware devices, like CBTEF DEX , which is a lightning router and hardware wallet.

CBTEF COIN Multi-Currency Light Wallet launch

The official release of the CBTEF COIN Multi-Currency Light Wallet, allowing users to send, receive, and exchange funds over Lightning Network, without needing to download full blockchains.
By allowing our network to hold databases and run full nodes of multiple chains, we will be able to securely send, receive, and confirm transactions on separate chains from our own. These third-party chains will be held on our second layer, which will communicate with first layer nodes, allowing our users to hold multiple coins in one place – the CBTEF COIN Multi-Currency Light Wallet.

CBTEF COIN Excalibur firmware development and release

Excalibur is our open source private key management and storage software. It will be used in CBTEF DEX and in future hardware wallet devices.
Excalibur is based on Trezor reputable and well audited open-source code.

Enable One-click Lightning Swaps (CBTEF COIN dx proof of concept)

The foundation of CBTEF DEX dx (Lightning DEX), allowing users to swap Lightning-enabled coins instantly with one click of a button.
CBTEF DEX will create crypto’s first truly decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, run entirely by Masternodes. By doing so, CBTEF DEX dx cannot be shut down by any third party, which makes it so unique. CBTEF DEX dx will focus on usability, enabling even people who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies to trustlessly perform cryptocurrency swaps without the need of dealing with complicated wallets, or any additional technical requirements. Furthermore, CBTEF DEX dx is a Lightning DEX, it will work by utilizing Lightning Swaps, not common on-chain Atomic Swaps as most other DEX do. Lightning Swaps are instant, practically fee-less, and infinitely scalable - achieving the user experience of a centralized exchange is not out of reach. This is something no other DEX out there can say.

Masternode layer upgrade

Featuring InstantSend enabled by default, privacy improvements with PrivateSend, multiple keys for Masternodes, and enhancements for Smart Contracts and DApps.
Update to Dash Core 0.15. With InstantSend enabled by default, CBTEF COIN has now on-chain transactions confirmed in one second. Masternodes keys are now split in three: collateral, operator, and voting, enabling new services like Masternode Managers and Voting Delegates. Masternode rewards address can also be split in two, facilitating automated payment of node operators. is now able to run on light clients, enabling advanced privacy features on mobile devices and others.

Lightning-Enabled Privacy Swaps

Demonstrate private exchange of assets using Lightning Network routing technology.
We are looking to implement random hop secrets, and transform the Lightning Network funding from identifiable 2:2 multisig into untraceable 1:1 standard signature transactions.

First layer network upgrade: Enhanced privacy

As a solution to cryptocurrencies privacy issues, the CBTEF COIN protocol is studying adding several lines of privacy such as zk-SNARK and TOR network.

Crypto Money ATM Integration

Establishment of branded crypto currency ATM devices in many countries of the World

Merchandise Online Store

CBTEF COIN branded apparel that can be purchased with CBTEF COIN and BTC.

Virtual pos integration

Thanks to its unique pos algorithm, making payments on all commercial platforms is now fast, secure and very easy.

Corporate trade and shopping contracts

2019 road map and white paper review and update